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Arts, Hobby, Entertainment, Sports, Gardening, Pets

You will often find expos, which partially fall in this category. Depending on the point of view of visitors or exhibitors, many of the fairs in this category offer a rich profile and cover themes and topics, which would be classified in more than one group.

The main characteristics are mentioned in the name of the category and here is what exactly stays behind them: Contemporary, Amcient, Modern and Fine Art. Craft, Handicraft, Creativity and Do-it-Yourself shows. Collectors Fairs for Philately, Numismatics, Antiquity, Coins and Stamps, Medals etc. Pet fairs, Animal Show, Dogs, Horses, Pet Supply. Gardening and related to it techniques and tools. Game Festivals, Slot Machines and Accessories, Playground equipment, Model-Making, Amusement Parks, Gaming Machines. Winter Water, Equestrian Sports, Golf and Outdoor Activities. Comics, Manga, Cartoons. Pool, SPA, Sauna.

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