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Printing, Packaging, Media

Packaging is a Sub-Industry sector, which serves many useful purposes - Protection, Conservation, Information, Marketing and many others. It is a major link between all popular industries, intermediaries, end users and consumers. Labeling, Graphic design and Printing are allied partners of the Packaging, important not only for consumers, but also for transportation, shipping and distribution.

In a word, an expo in this category, would concentrate or combine any of the next matters: Packaging Machinery, Supplies and Equipment, Creative Packaging, Packaging of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Products, Packing Techniques, Corrugated and Carton Industries, Converting, Tissue, Pulp and Paper industries, Graphic and Printing Professionals, Digital and Wide Format Print, Graphic Industry, Polygraph Equipment and Technologies, Signage.

Media , the last branch placed here, encompasses Print Media and Communication and Publishing, Electronic Media, TV, Video, Cable & Satellite, Cinema Equipment and Technology, Film, Photography, Entertainment Technology and Content.

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