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About Expobase

Expobase is a Trade Fair, Exhibition, Event, Conference and Congress catalogue. Its database is constantly expanded and updated with new information and features. Main data sources are the web pages of the events, the event organizers and the venues.

The purpose is the creation of passports for the published events. Each event, depending on its profile, falls in one or more main industry categories. At the same, time every category boosts a list of key-words and functionality to create a custom list of events and save it for future reference. In addition to this, a user would have the possibility to share thoughts and evaluate the events they visited.

If you want to list an event on Expobase or if you woould like to correct already existing information in our database, please send an email to

Regarding suggestions and feedback, your emails are most appreciated. You can send them at

We hope you enjoy your stay and are able to find and use relevant information the best possible way.

Best regards,
The Expobase Team

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